Full Page Cache Warmer

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Make sure your pages are always prepared for your customers and your store is as fast as possible. Our Full Page Cache Warmer solution will make sure that is always the case. Every time page cache is cleared, due to catalog changes you do, sales or just its expiration, the Warmer will know about it and will warm the cache right away.

  • Both Built-in and Varnish cache supported

  • Automated cache warming after catalog changes and sales

  • Detailed statistics and performance logs

  • Detailed performance and content settings

  • Fully automated solution

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Compatible with:
Open Source (Community) 2.0, 2.1, 2.2


Intelligent cache management

Magento has many caches in place to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible. One cache type, that speeds up page load the most, is Full Page Cache. Once a customer opens a specific page in your store, the page is saved in Full Page Cache and is later served to other customers that visit the same page. Unfortunately, the first customer, be it real customer or bot like Google, will have to suffer through the initial load. In case of bots, the longer load time may have a negative effect on your SEO rankings, for customers, it's just very unpleasant experience.

Cache Warmer was created to solve this issue once and for all. This intelligent bot knows all about pages in your store and their cache state. When page changes and Magento delete its page cache, warmer knows ... Updated pages will be warmer again as soon as possible.

Automatic warmer with no speed impact

The solution is fully automated and requires no actions from the administrators. Also, all time-consuming actions are run in cron, so the extension has no impact on normal administration tasks.

Warmer also has detailed performance and content settings. The performance is an important factor, as warming pages may be time and resource consuming process. All performance settings may be tweaked based on the server you are using. Be on shared hosting or your own server, the bot will work everywhere.

Many customization options

Not all customer groups, page types, or even stores may not be that important for you. With our Cache Warmer you can easily choose which stores, customer groups and page types will be warmed and in which order. You can also choose how the pages will be crawled. Someone prefers to have the main store warmed first, someone may prefer to have all homepages warmed first and someone will want to warm pages by their popularity. No problem, all these options are covered and you can decide how it's gonna be!

Key features

  • Both Built-in and Varnish cache supported

    • Universal solution for your store fits all your needs

  • Automated cache warming after catalog changes and sales

    • Intelligent observer keeps always your store ready

  • Detailed statistics and performance logs

    • Watch all important data in one place

  • Detailed performance and content settings

    • Set up the extension and preferences you need

  • Simple and extendable api

    • It is clear and easy to set up any module for using the Cache warmer extension

  • Stores and customer groups are supported

    • Let warmer to cache only selected stores and customer groups and their orders

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Key Features

  • Fully automated solution
  • Both Built-in and Varnish cache supported
  • Automated cache warming after catalog changes and sales
  • Stores and customer groups are supported
  • Simple and extendable api
  • Detailed performance and content settings
  • Detailed statistics and performance logs

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Cache Warmer changelog


  • 2.2 support added


  • page index timestamps
  • TTL support added


  • customer group support added
  • misc fixes


  • initial release