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Make your store Social!

Manage all social services easily from one place. Easy to place widgets and all SDK graphics variants supported! Integrates Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Youtube.

  • Integration of the most known social networks

  • Use of native graphics with SDK

  • Facebook reviews

  • Instagram and Youtube

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Open Source (Community) 2.2


Share your products

Sharing of content on social networks is what people are used to for a long time yet. Let them share what they like and get new customers by using modern trendy technology. Social tools bring your shop closer to potential customers. It allows sharing and presenting people thoughts and opinions. Let the shop spread its own social network and watch the results.

Buttons here, buttons there

The extension integrates the most known social networks in one place and uses their modern technology model. In cooperation with SDK (Software Development Kit), it brings all known graphics and functionalities. There are plenty of possible button views at each social service to be used. It can be used on the product detail page as well as on any other pages via Magento CMS widgets.

Reviews, Images, Videos

There is nothing better than showing visitors, how the customers are satisfied with services your shop offers. The extension supports Facebook reviews that can be placed anywhere in the store via the CMS widget.

It is fine to show visitors album from your last promo action. No problem with the Instagram integration.

Are you promoting your products or e-shop on YouTube? Get it right into your store with a Youtube widget.

These all services and integrations are ready to make your store even better and accessible. Join us now!

Key features

Integration of the most known social networks

  • The extension integrates features of Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube

  • All at one place, easy to set up

Use of native graphics with SDK

  • All buttons use SDK. This guarantee that all graphics and features will be always up to date.

Facebook reviews

  • Get customers opinions right to your store and place it anywhere you want.

Instagram and Youtube

  • Use Instagram and place your latest pictures in your store to show it is alive.

  • Promote your products on YouTube. Use the CMS widget and place your YouTube playlist anywhere in your store.

Open Source

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Key Features

  • Integrates Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube
  • All at one place, easy to set up
  • Use of native graphics with SDK
  • Facebook reviews
  • Instagram albums
  • YouTube playlists

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