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Custom order numbers for Magento 2

Compatibility Open Source (Community) 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 (2.4.6)

Custom order numbers extension allows setting of individual numbers format in Magento documents. It is possible to set order, invoice, credit memo and shipment number formatting and reset the counter after a specified period.

  • Individual number formatting
  • Prefixes and placeholders
  • Periodic reset
  • Multistore application
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Stop infinite number rows

Have your documents in better order. In such an amount of documents generated in the store every day, it is easy to lose control over all of them. Now, there is a solution to have each type of documents labeled right in its increment number. Why let these numbers endlessly increase when it is possible to reset them periodically.

Get your own numbers

Let it have all order numbers labeled for example with ORDxxxxxx, invoices with INV-ORDxxxxxx, etc. Have a year or month number in each. All these things are now available via our Custom order numbers module.

Each document is original

Each document type can be set separately. In orders, it is possible to add a prefix, various placeholders, and plain numbers as well. And more, it is possible to make the increasing number reset every month or year.

In invoices, it is possible to edit existing order number or generate own individual invoice number in the same model like in orders. Existing order number can be affected by adding a new prefix or by replacing the old prefix with a new one.

Our manual is ready to simplify installation and setup. It describes every step of setting and shows the environment with screenshots for better understanding. This all in one place with happy to help support makes our module your choice.

Key features

  • Individual number formatting

    • Have a specific number format for each document separately

  • Prefixes and placeholders

    • Add a prefix to the document number for better and faster identification

    • Many various placeholders are ready to be inserted in the document number. For example a store id, year, month, etc.

  • Periodic reset

    • Stop the infinite numbers increase and reset the number periodically every month or year.

  • Multistore application

    • As one of the placeholders is a store id, documents can be counted in each store separately.

  • Share numbers
    • The solution gives you the opportunity to share numbers across all stores.
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Key Features
  • Individual number formatting
  • Have a specific number format for each document separately
  • Prefix for better and faster identification
  • Many various placeholders
  • Reset the number periodically every month or year
  • Multistore application
  • Share numbers across stores
    - initial release
        - added option to share sequences across all stores
            - added support for higher start values than table AI column
              -added proper input validation to system configuration
                  - fixed issue with shared numbers setup interfering with recurring data

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