Magento 2 modules

Bank Transfer Currency Bank Transfer Currency

Are you selling in more currencies and using bank transfer as a payment method? Then adding individual payment instructions to each currency may be a problem. No more with our extension! Add individual instructions to each store currency Easy to install and setup

GDPR Anonymizer PRO GDPR Anonymizer PRO

There is nothing more sensitive and valuable than personal data. Therefore, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes to the scene. And we are ready. Follow GDPR legislation. Clear and simple user-friendly process. Reliable anonymization process. Saving PDF Documents. Selective anonymization.

$199.80 $99.90
Social Networks Social Networks

Make your store Social! Manage all social services easily from one place. Easy to place widgets and all SDK graphics variants supported! Integrates Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Youtube. Integration of the most known social networks Use of native graphics with SDK Facebook reviews Instagram and Youtube

Mailer Mailer

All in one place This featured robust module adds your store to a new dimension. A complete subscribers, groups, newsletters, and statistics administration in one place satisfies all your promotion needs. Robust feature-rich extension Subscriber management Groups management Professional newsletters Rich statistics

PDF Fonts PDF Fonts

Reduce your PDF documents size by replacing the default Magento fonts. Save the storge space and profit from using individually looking fonts. individual fonts in PDF documents TTF (True Type Fonts) supported affects all PDF documents

Custom order numbers for Magento 2 Custom order numbers for Magento 2

Custom order numbers extension allows setting of individual numbers format in Magento documents. It is possible to set order, invoice, credit memo and shipment number formatting and reset the counter after a specified period. Individual number formatting Prefixes and placeholders Periodic reset Multistore application

SecureHosting payment for Magento 2 SecureHosting payment for Magento 2

Payment with no limits The more payment methods your e-shop offers, the bigger chance you have to make your customers shopping. One of the perfect and easy going payment methods are cashless transactions. And here we come with a module integrating SecureHosting payment service. It is very easy to be set up and by default, it offers fully customizable gateway templates. In that way, your customers will be treated as if they‘d never left your store during the payment process. Easy to use cashless payment method Many common payment cards accepted Fully adjustable gateway templates Simple but rich dashboard and module administration

Payment fee for Magento 2 Payment fee for Magento 2

Reduce your costs for various payment methods or eliminate them completely. Our module will help you shift all the payment fees for eg. cash on delivery or PayPal to the customer. Number of supported payment methods Store and customer group restrictions support Multi-currency support No fee over limit amount Full tax customization

Full Page Cache Warmer Full Page Cache Warmer

Make sure your pages are always prepared for your customers and your store is as fast as possible. Our Full Page Cache Warmer solution will make sure that is always the case. Every time page cache is cleared, due to catalog changes you do, sales or just its expiration, the Warmer will know about it and will warm the cache right away. Both Built-in and Varnish cache supported Automated cache warming after catalog changes and sales Detailed statistics and performance logs Detailed performance and content settings Fully automated solution

GoPay payment for Magento 2 GoPay payment for Magento 2

Enhance your store by adding a GoPay payment option which is one of the leading payment gateways in Czech Republic. Czech EET system is supported! Certified module with a service of the leading payment gateway. Multiple currencies supported. Full gateway integration and intuitive usage. Multiple payment methods supported. The payment is processed in your store. Czech EET system is supported!