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GDPR Anonymizer PRO

Compatibility Open Source (Community) 1.9

There is nothing more sensitive and valuable than personal data. Therefore, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes to the scene. And we are ready.

  • Follow GDPR legislation.

  • Clear and simple user-friendly process.

  • Reliable anonymization process.

  • Saving PDF Documents.

  • Selective anonymization.

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New era of data protection

Every user has an amount of information provided to the store. Whether he is a newsletter subscriber, one-time buyer or have a full customer account. The new GDPR regulation enables anyone to ask for removing all his data from the store. And this is what our module is coming to help with.

Data removal process

After installing the module, a new link for removing all personal data appears in the store footer. In this time, the same link appears in the customers account with the ability to remove all personal data including the whole account for registered users.

When the process is triggered, the user receives an email to confirm the email address validity and link to start the removal process. After confirmation, there is one more dialog asking whether the user is sure to remove all data from the store. This is the last chance to stay in. Otherwise, the removal process starts.

The removal process completely removes customer account if there are any, newsletter and other subscriptions and at last, it anonymizes all purchase documents. This anonymization process replaces all users data with the placeholder (‚Anonymized‘ by default) which is supposed to be set up in module configuration.

Selective anonymization

It is possible to choose only some specific personal data to be anonymized. It allows maintaining notes and other useful and more general information accessible.

Saving the PDF documents

In order to keep documents with personal data for purpose of accounting, selected documents can be saved and sent by email before anonymization.

Key Features

  •   Follow GDPR legislation

    • The extension is designed to enable the Magento store to follow the GDPR legislation.

  • Clear and simple user-friendly process

    • The anonymization process is simple and user-friendly from the very first step

  • Fully customizable extension

    • Individual anonymization placeholder supported

    • Selective personal data anonymization

  • Reliable anonymization process

    • The extension removes all customer data including user account, subscriptions etc.

    • Selected PDF documents can be saved and sent by email before anonymizing

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Key Features
  • Follow GDPR legislation
  • Clear and simple user-friendly process
  • Individual anonymization placeholder supported
  • Selective personal data anonymization
  • Reliable anonymization process
  • Saving PDF documents before anonymizing
  • initial release

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