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Compatibility Open Source (Community) 2.3, 2.4 (2.4.6)

All in one place

This featured robust module adds your store to a new dimension. A complete subscribers, groups, newsletters, and statistics administration in one place satisfies all your promotion needs.

  • Robust feature-rich extension

  • Subscriber management

  • Groups management

  • Professional newsletters

  • Rich statistics

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Promote it your way

Promotion is one of the most important marketing tools ever. There are many extended services offering promotion tools, like newsletter subscribers evidence, newsletter editing and sending, gathering statistics and so on.

It is always difficult to find the service which tailors your needs and is not too expensive.

We have a good news!

Our extension meets all your requirements. Managing subscribers was never as easy.


There is a subscriber import feature, so it is easy to transfer subscribers from an old store or another service. Subscribing and unsubscribing as a process remained the same as in default Magento so no other functionalities or graphics are affected.


It is possible to make multiple subscriber groups with various rules. Subscribers are added to groups according to the rules or manually by import or clicking subscribe link in an email.


There is a full-featured CMS editor, which allow the administrator make visually effective newsletters with images, links and CSS styles. These newsletters can be set to be sent only to a specific subscribers group at a specified time.


There is a perfect statistics page at every sent newsletter. It shows a number of successfully delivered newsletters, unique openings, and clicks. It observers every link separately so the statistics of the most visited link is available too. There are graphs showing visits and openings in time, in percents and much more.

Mailer is also capable of becoming a sender for all Magento e-mails.

Try out this well-developed extension and get much more than you are looking for.

Key features

  • Robust extension with many features

    • Default system mailer

    • the extension may become a default system email sender

  • Managing Subscribers

    • import subscribers from the old store and set them to a default or specified groups

    • subscribers are automatically added to groups according to predefined rules

  • Subscriber groups

    • Make as many groups as you need and set them own rules

    • Many rules to sort subscribers effectively

  • Newsletters professionally

    • Make visually effective newsletters in fully-featured CMS editor

    • Send newsletters to specified groups and in a specified time

  • Rich statistics

    • Every newsletter has a rich statistics page with many graphs

    • There is a unique opening and click counter, links counter, delivery counter etc.

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Key Features
  • Robust feature-rich extension
  • Subscriber management
  • Groups management
  • Professional newsletters
  • Rich statistics
  • Replaces default e-mail sender
    - initial release
        - The customer can now subscribe to the configured groups in their profile
          - Added special unsubscription page with available subscription groups
            - Added console command for sending messages
              - Fixed inline images and track opening options when sending message

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