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Payment fee for Magento 2

Compatibility Open Source (Community) 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 (2.4.6)

Reduce your costs for various payment methods or eliminate them completely. Our module will help you shift all the payment fees for eg. cash on delivery or PayPal to the customer.

  • Number of supported payment methods

  • Store and customer group restrictions support

  • Multi-currency support

  • No fee over limit amount

  • Full tax customization

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Payment methods with no limits

The more payment methods your store offers, the better for you and your customers. Not all payment methods are free of charge and that is why using some of them may be questionable. No more with the extension, we offer now.

Fees for various payment methods, such as cash on delivery or PayPal, may become inconvenient for your business over time. Our module allows you shift these fees to customers and reduce your costs to a minimum.

Various kinds of fees

According to the payment method, there are several options for counting fees like fixed or percentual from subtotal or grand total ready to be used for each payment method separately. It is possible to set the fee specified for each currency or one common based on Base currency. The more, there is an option to set the maximum limit when the fee is applied. So with the cart amount higher of this limit, customers are free from charging such fees. Every payment fee may also be restricted only to specific stores or customer groups.

The Fee and its amount may be viewed at the specific payment method at checkout so that the customer knows the payment method fee is charged. The fee is mentioned in cart total summaries such as shipping and other fees and it is the same at orders and invoices overview.

We put simplicity and usability of our modules in the first place. The Payment fee module can be set up in just a few steps. Its main advantage is full customizability and many setup options for various payment methods. The module also fully accepts and displays the currency in your currently selected store.

Key features

  • Number of supported payment methods

    • Feel free to use your favorite payment methods with no doubts whether it works or not. Our module supports major of common payment methods.

  • Many setups and customization options

    • While the purpose of this module is quite simple, there are still many useful setting options to fit your needs

  • Store and customer group restrictions support

    • It is possible to set up each payment fee separately and use all Magento‘s restriction options as you are used to.

  • Multi-currency support

    • The Fee can be set for each currency separately

  • No fee over limit amount

    • Offer your customer no fee when purchased for more than minimum price amount.

  • Fee management

    • All fees are listed in a grid and each payment fee has its own setup page full of useful customizations.

  • Option to append fee info to the payment method

    • Want to show the customer review of used payment fee? Here we go with simple fee review just next to each payment method right in the checkout.

  • Full tax customization

    • Payment fees are completely taxable. Similar to shipping, the fee has specific tax class, all prices and displays are fully configurable.

  • Virtual checkout support

    • Fees are now also available in virtual checkout.

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Key Features
  • Number of supported payment methods
  • Many setup and customization options
  • Full support for multiple currencies
  • Store and Customer group restrictions support
  • Multi-currency support
  • No fee over limit amount
  • New Fee management
  • Option to append fee info to payment method
  • Virtual checkout support
    - initial release
        - added option to append fee info to payment method name in checkout
          - moved fee management from config to custom CRUD
            - added ability to set fees for specific customer groups and stores
                - workaround for Magento 2.2.2 bug #12819
                    - fixed payment title format
                      - added optional maximum order subtotal condition
                        - added currency specific fee amounts
                            - added option to optionally round percentage fees
                              - payment title now shows proper decimal places if required
                                - fixed issue where grand total would not always include fee tax
                                  - fixed issue where disabled fees were appearing in checkout
                                    - fixed issue with PayPal amount not matching totals
                                        - fixed issue with paypal when tax calculation is set to include taxes
                                            - fixed iOS specific issue with MutationObserver
                                              - fixed currency fieldset not showing in Magento 2.1
                                                  - fee_incl_tax, base_fee_incl_tax values are now correctly converted to invoice
                                                    - totals are now reloaded each time payment method is changed in administration
                                                      - rounding is no longer incorrectly applied to fixed fee calculation
                                                        - percentage fees now respect currency specific values
                                                          - tax calculation rewritten to better match magento design
                                                            - fee tax rate is now calculated and displayed correctly across all pages
                                                              - it is now possible to refund specific fee amount when creating credit memo
                                                                - fixed issue that prevented invoice printing in frontend
                                                                  - virtual checkout is now fully supported
                                                                      - fixed javascript error in checkout
                                                                        - amended default payment method selection after switching shipping method
                                                                          - configuration now uses correct ACL resource
                                                                            - misc formatting amends
                                                                              - fixed incorrect invoice tax in certain configuration
                                                                                  - added option to calculate fee by base w/wo tax
                                                                                      - updated install script to support Magento 2.3.x
                                                                                          - fixed infinite loop while order placing in Magento 2.3.5
                                                                                              - fixed multi currency settings
                                                                                                  - added Magento 2.4.4 support
                                                                                                      - added option to disable customer group restriction
                                                                                                          - added PHP 8.0 support

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