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Free shipping indicator for Magento 2

Free shipping indicator for Magento 2

Tell customers how much goods has to be added to the cart in order to get a free shipping bonus using the clear fully editable and free to place indicator. Offer the free shipping promo after reaching the specified cart amount Free to place and fully customizable banner Multiple currency support AJAX supported Continuously updates the order amount

Cart price for Magento 2

Cart price for Magento 2

Have your purchase under control for all the time. Cart price module adds an items price summary right next to the cart icon in the current store's currency and makes your customer's shopping experience even better. And the more comfortable customers feel, they more often came back. Clear looking indicator Multiple currencies support Prices are still actual due to AJAX support No need for any setup

Custom order numbers for Magento 2

Custom order numbers for Magento 2

Custom order numbers extension allows setting of individual numbers format in Magento documents. It is possible to set order, invoice, credit memo and shipment number formatting and reset the counter after a specified period. Individual number formatting Prefixes and placeholders Periodic reset Multistore application

PDF Fonts

PDF Fonts

Reduce your PDF documents size by replacing the default Magento fonts. Save the storge space and profit from using individually looking fonts. individual fonts in PDF documents TTF (True Type Fonts) supported affects all PDF documents